Saturday, 2 July 2016

What am I currently working on? I am glad you asked!

Hello again, so kind of you to drop by!

After I finish learning about how to set the blog to my liking, I will be continuing to work on my home brew game and my second set of archetypes.

I'll do another post detailing my Home-brew setting later on, but I thought to share my second set of archetypes I plan to make. They will all follow an eastern theme, as one of the main nations in my home setting are very imperialistic with strong flavourings of feudal Japan.

I currently have the Samurai (Fighter) and Ninja (Rogue) in stage one of development. The other classes I have some ideas, but mostly just scratchings on a page. I will definitely be doing an Imperial-Guard (Paladin), a Geigha (Bard), Oni-Blood (Sorcerer), Ronin (Ranger) and Zen Archer (Monk) archetypes, but, I am unsure what abilities they shall have!

The Cleric I am considering something like an Imperial Domain, following the ties in a divine royal seen in the paladin archetype. For the Wizard I am looking at some form of 'Sensai' tradition, which has abilities based around helping others, possibly with something like "Chosen pupil: The sensai can select one friendly creature as their pupil. Whilst bonded as teacher and pupil the pupil gians half of the Sensai's int modifier (rounded up) to any skills that the sensai or pupil is proficient in" This brings a new ability to the game, and shows the flavour of someone who spends time teaching their party members. The warlock will have either an Oni or Yokai (spirits/demons) style patron. I have struggled a little with the Barbarian, but I am considering either a Horde Rider (Mongolian influence) or possibly something based around the Kintaro folk lore, so something mountain and animal focused. I am also a little stuck on what I shall do for the druid!

Any how, that is all for now :)

Thanks for reading, and see you next post!


General blog stuff

Hello again folks!

So, I am still trying to get this blog all set up, as it is the first one I have ever made!I am thinking about expanding it to include stuff about the creation of the new world setting I am making for a campaign I am starting in December, instead of just focusing on home brew classes.

Also, I thought it may be worthwhile to discuss how I plan to do things on here. As I make new content, I will release it as posts. Once it hits stage 2 I shall create a page for it, where I keep the most up to date version with the change log. For the coding i will be using a X.Y system. The first number determines what stage it is at (0-1 is still developing concept; 2 is balancing abilities and 3 is in play testing). The second number will determine how far it is into that stage.

I will also release archetypes in sets, so one for every class. From set two on wards I plan to try and follow a theme, but we will see how that goes!

Thanks for reading, and see you next post!

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Fifth edition has kindled a love for Dungeons and Dragons! In the past two years I have convinced my partner to start playing (who now runs her own game!), several friends, and even strangers on the internet. I am coming to the end of my first campaign, created in October 2014, and have began working on a new completely home-brew setting. For this setting though the standard archetypes aren't enough. So I set out to create new brews, to expand fan made content of 5th Edition, and, to hopefully make some fun balanced classes people love! But, what about the GM's guild, why not post there I hear you ask? Well, the simple answer is I don't like their licensing. Content placed there can only be placed there. It means for users who don't use the sight, they are locked out of  content. Instead I post regularly on /r/UnearthedArcana, /r/DnDHomebrew and on the Giant in the Playground Forums. A friend asked me about my home-brewing processes though, and recommended I make a blog. So, here it is! What I am guessing will be a barely viewed blog to display my work!

I hope you enjoy what is to come,